Running Shoes

Feed Your Speed

NEW for spring 2014: running and athletic spikes for men, women and juniors. PLUS the latest road racing shoes and racer/trainers.
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Spring Running Gear

From technical clothing to nifty new accessories, here's a selection of spring running gear ideas. Feeling adventurous? Check out the latest off-road running shoes.
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 Racer/Trainer Running Shoes

Racer/trainers are somewhere between a racing shoe and a training shoe. They are lighter and more responsive than your average road shoe; the design is more cushioned, more substantial than that of a racing flat. They are often used for longer races when you want a bit more protection than a racing shoe offers. Alternatively they can also be used for training if you like a lighter weight, less bulky, more minimal shoe. You might not get as much mileage out of a racer/trainer as you would out of a road running shoe but you’d probably go faster in them!

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