Running Clothing

Feed Your Speed

NEW for spring 2014: running and athletic spikes for men, women and juniors. PLUS the latest road racing shoes and racer/trainers.
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Spring Running Gear

From technical clothing to nifty new accessories, here's a selection of spring running gear ideas. Feeling adventurous? Check out the latest off-road running shoes.
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Running Tops

What makes running wear different from other sports wear is the use of technical fabrics that remove perspiration from your skin, preventing uncomfortable chafing caused by the build-up of moisture. The materials used are breathable, light and durable – designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Some styles – such as short sleeves and vests - are made of Coolmax materials which are suitable for running in warmer weather conditions. For running in colder weather the tops are made of thermal materials. These include base layers to be worn next to the skin, and thicker top layers.

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